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Some Interesting Facts About the Baptist Church

Among the many Protestant denominations that exist across the world, the Baptist Church ranks as the third largest. It began during the 1500s where the major European Reformation took place. The first Baptist Church ancestors were called Anabaptists. In order for you to be baptized as a Baptist, you need to be old enough to choose your faith of baptism, that is why Ana- stands for re-. That is why the Baptist Church was not a popular denomination during the early times even among fellow Protestant religions. Believers were even persecuted and killed for having such faith. Read more great facts, click here

In the United States in 1637, Roger Williams created the first Baptist Church in Rhode Island. Come the next 200 years and over, the religious awakening took place. With people feeling freer to join the religion, the Church then gained a following. During this time, people felt more independent about the religion that they choose and did not feel the need to be in the same church that they were born into. For more useful reference, have a peek here

There were two divisions made when the Baptist Church was first created. They were called the General Baptists and the Particular Baptists. To have claim on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, General Baptists believed that they should be baptized and must follow the ways of Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Particular Baptists, only choose a select group of chosen few followers to get benefit from the Atonement. The latter was the stricter group among the two.

Today, though, the Baptist Church is comprised of a good number of divisions. With the belief of the Baptists that every person has the power in them to choose and believe what they think is right, there is division of the church. Basically, if the person is presented with a doctrine or idea, it is up them if they will follow it or not. It goes to say that each Baptist Church congregation has the freedom to choose what they want to preach and teach inside. With the Baptist Church, there is not a hierarchy that is being followed in the same manner as other Protestant religions as well as the Catholic Church. Please view this site for further details.

Today, the Baptist Church is divided into five major divisions. You have the Southern Baptist Conference created in the south of US were people used to justify human slavery as a kind of life. A smaller and more liberal group of Baptists is the American Baptist Convention. The biggest denomination for African Americans, on the other hand, in the use is the National Baptist Convention. The International Baptists and the Independent Baptists are congregations across the world and those who have not chosen a group to belong to, respectively. For more information on churches in Burbank CA, view here.